Applications and Expertise for Metallurgy

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Metis - Measurement software

A strong coupling between a FEG-SEM and its EDS analysis system (Brucker SDD) allows an optimal characterization of inclusions with diameters ranging from a few hundreds nanometers to a few dozens of micrometers:

  • easy and quick data input,
  • complete setting of parameters in order to use a wide range of defined methods,
  • observations and measurements performed using different magnification scales,
  • separate analysis of the different phases in inclusions,
  • complete measurement of a great number of inclusions (>100/h),
  • optimization of the use of microscope (day and night),
  • complete files of results (position, morphology, composition...).

meTis - Treatment software

The treatment software, dissociated from the measurement software, allows various uses of the data contained in the files of results, and an output in EXCEL®:

  • tables of configurable statistical results,
  • automatic identification of the populations of inclusions,
  • graphs (histogram, ternary diagram, cartography...),
  • automatic results reports according to selected standards,
  • use of the database of inclusion images...

metiS - Simulation software

The simulation software allows to access the statistical parameters of the different methods by measurements on virtual samples:

  • transformation of « 2D » data into « 3D » data,
  • assessment of the uncertainty of a measurement method,
  • comparison of the index results between different methods,
  • determination of optimal measurement conditions...

MeTiS Simulation



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