Applications and Expertise for Metallurgy

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Inclusion Structure Austenitic grain

Thanks to a long experience in the steel-making industry, in both R&D center and Metallurgy-Quality department, DATAMET offers computer applications and services meeting the needs of metallurgists and metallographers.

For the characterization of your materials, DATAMET develops applications:

  • easy and quick to use,
  • promoting the precision of results,
  • integrating automatic functions for driving of equipments and image analysis,
  • meeting standards and your specifications,
  • ensuring complete traceability,
  • providing results with automatic reports,

in connection with your observations and analysis devices:

  • optical microscope,
  • scanning electron microscope,
  • optical emission spectrometer.

DATAMET also performs services in the following areas:

  • expertise on metallic materials (inclusions, structures, failure analysis, mechanical properties...),
  • method of characterization of inclusions,
  • method of control by image analysis,
  • training and consulting in metallurgy,
  • consulting in management of Metallurgy – Quality services,
  • database treatment...

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